Glimpse at the fantastic Architectural Monuments of Bagerhat,Bangladesh "" The Sait Gambuz Mosque""


Shat Gambuj Mosque
Ancient Khalifatabad or well known place Decleared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO Sait Gambuz Mosque is a part of our past glorious days . As we the Bangladeshies can speak Bravely we are independent as we are strong enough to protect all oppressors. During Sultani period of Bengal Rule this Famous mosque was Built by Saint Ulugh Khan Zahan Ali. According to Medival History of Bengal he is the founder of Ancient city of Khalifatabad known as now a days Bagerhat .

We get a lot of Archaeological evidence regarding it’s past history represents those golden age of Bengal. As the ruins of Architectural Monument or Archaeological remains lost city of Bagerhat now mainly consists of a number of mosques and the tomb of its founder, Khan Jahan Ali as well as his followers . This fantastic Architecture consists of 77 Domes but well known as  60 domed or tower mosque .If you go inside this mosque most of the ancient remains destroyed by recent construction or the destruction by the name of restoration as  60 pillars, now mostly covered in cement, hold the roof of this largest mosque of its time. In Fridays, the museum is closed and the mosques are reserved for praying. There are a lot of Bangladeshi daytrippers around. Most of them are gathered near the large pond behind the Khan Jahan tomb. They are staring at  feeding a crocodile that lives in this pond Kalapahar(কালাপাহাড়).and Dhalapahar(ধলাপাহাড়) by name. This not only a site for archaeological interest and an important part of Bengal History but also a plese for religious sect. On the other side of the road is another small mosque, built in the traditional brick style. A few kilometers down the road is the shrine of Khan Jahan. This still is an active site of worship. It attracts both visitors and beggars.
© aurnab arc

Md.Adnan Arif Salim Aurnab
Archaeology grad Student,deconstructive Writer,
Blogger and Online Archaeologist.
Jahangirnagar University.

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