Ancient bunker in Sri Lanka’s Galle Dutch Fort

Galle Heritage Foundation and the Archeological Unit of the Galle city had discovered a very old hitherto unseen bunker inside the famous Galle Dutch Fort. The bunker situated under the pedestal of the clock tower had remained closed for centuries. 

The archaeologists believe it was used as a prison cell or an armory. The bunker has two cells and the walls are made of coral, lime and clay, says the head of the exploration team. The team has observed a crack on one side of the bunker. 

There are 14 other bunkers in Galle Dutch Fort and they were renovated during the British period. However the newly discovered bunker has remained intact, the archaeologists say. 

They expect to excavate the ground of the bunker that is filled with soil to the height of about one to two feet. 

The Galle Dutch Fort has been inscribed as a cultural heritage UNESCO World Heritage Site under criteria IV.  

Source: Colombo Page [August 02, 2011]

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