Restoration of Gulbarga fort

The Bahmani dynasty, which ruled Gulbarga 600 years ago, left many monuments in Gulbarga region especially fort. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which earlier neglected the fort, has now initiated development works on the 600-year-old structure to turn it into a tourist attraction. 

The fort, occupying an area of 200 acres of land and 3km, consists of two circular fortifications. The height of the outer wall is lower than the inner wall, with a 30 feet deep moat in between. In some areas, both walls have portions that have turned to rubble, which is now being repaired. 

Many monuments like Jamia Mosque, Ranamandal, are located inside the fort. But these monuments are also dilapidated and damaged by miscreants. 

Speaking to ‘The Times of India’ ASI conservation assistant Mouneshwar Kuravatti said 195 families have encroached upon the monument area and built houses inside the fort. Gulbarga Urban Development Authority is rehabilitating these families outside the fort and in city.
A grass lawn has been installed inside the fort, while repairs are being undertaken on the mosque meant for women, which collapsed. 

The ASI is undertaking repair using traditional equipment without using cement, lam and sand to maintain a uniform look with the monuments, said Mouneshwar, However, a concrete bed is being built surrounding the Jamia Mosque. 

Former secretary of Hyderabad-Karnataka Development Board Shalini Rajanish has sent a proposal of Rs 50 crore proposal to the Union tourism ministry to connect the three districts — Bidar, Gulbarga and Bijapur — from Hyderabad airport to turn it into a tourist spot. 

Source: The Times of India [September 20, 2011]

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