Image and Color Letters in Face Book Chat

Using this codes you can make you face Book chat colorful.  As You can make your chat letters bold and Italic. You too can insert images in Face Book chat. The color codes are given below.
It’s easy just copy and pest this. I hope this codes can help emphasize your face book chats, and make your text look different. It’s not really a new font for Face book chat. Just See the result you can understand . 

  A: ‘[[399197913893]]’,
  B: ‘[[115345298505025]]’,
  C: ‘[[53872404042]]’,
  D: ‘[[226910642728]]’,
  E: ‘[[140775945956538]]’,
  F: ‘[[136046106447549]]’,
  G: ‘[[119431374760220]]’,
  H: ‘[[205082339544090]]’,
  I: ‘[[432883640525]]’,
  J: ‘[[228315337208110]]’,
  K: ‘[[56926372437]]’,
  L: ‘[[221310038416]]’,
  M: ‘[[161672657237726]]’,
  N: ‘[[203933512990765]]’,
  O: ‘[[116564658357124]]’,
  P: ‘[[64245738440]]’,
  Q: ‘[[196390043757013]]’,
  R: ‘[[111884958838844]]’,
  S: ‘[[136198113087158]]’,
  T: ‘[[142464449131926]]’,
  U: ‘[[172843133886]]’,
  V: ‘[[77189649729]]’,
  W: ‘[[116928513730]]’,
  X: ‘[[108075899233912]]’,
  Y: ‘[[140715832616884]]’,
  Z: ‘[[165724910215]]’  

I like to give some codes of Face Book Emoticons. Just try. 

🙂 is a smiley
😦 frowny
😛 stick the toung out
:D:like really excited
:O mouth open
😉 wink
8) shades
8| dark shades
😡 mad
:\ half frown
😥 tears
3:) pig
O:) angel
:-* kiss
❤ heart
^_^ some smiley
-_-some other smiley
O.o another smiley
>:o some more shock
:v pac man
:3 funky thing
:|] robot
:putnam: some person

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