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Aurnab arc is my blogging name officially known as Md. Adnan Arif Salim Aurnab. Too long to mention as if became Aurnab arc. Coming from Ishurdi under the district of Pabna in Bangladesh. Being too much happy as I can express my feelings. I like to share my ideas and experiences with everyone. Social networks like Face book, Twitter, Hi-5 as well as  Blogging in different platform attracts me a lot in this regards. Someone call me with a bad name as I am an addicted person in blog and Face book. I’ve insulted in my class several times for this regards. I’m fond of cordial behavior and like to make a friendship within different shorts of people. At a time I’ve started my journey as a Blogger in a Bangla site  in Somewhereinblog but leave this platform & Joined a newly established Blog Amarbornomala by name.  As continuing my writings in different newspapers as well as my personal site Archaeology of Humankind. As a by born Bangladeshi I like to share my feelings in Bangla as it is Comfortable for me. It is to say I am very happy as if I’ve born in Bangladesh as well as get Bangla as my mother language.
This is Aurnab
Full Name : Md. Adnan Arif Salim Aurnab.
Blogging As: Aurnab Arc.
Now I am in : Dhaka the capital of  Bangladesh
Born in: 1st November.
From : Ishurdi, Pabna, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
My Hobby: Reading & Writing, Watching movies, Online Activity.
Family : Have two Brothers as well as My bother. Father died in 2008.
Relationship Status: Single
Religious views: Islam
First contact : aurnabmaas@gmail.com 
Political View : Nationalist.
Grad School : Honors in Archaeology,
                           Jahangirnagar University.
                           Savar, Dhaka.
Masters        : Masters in Archaeology,
                           Jahangirnagar University.
                           Savar, Dhaka.
H.S.C           : Kustia Government Collage.
                           Kustia, Bangladesh.

S.S.C           :  North Bengal Paper Mills High School.                                                                      Pakshi, Ishurdi, Pabna,Bangladesh.

Three of His Published Books ..

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